Bloor Street & Yorkville
Also referred to as 'The Mink Mile', Bloor Street & Yorkville is among the top luxury shopping destinations in Canada.
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What was once a mecca for bohemians in the 1960s has given way to a blanket of affluence. Elite wellness establishments have planted themselves along Yorkville's streets, complementing the area's rich retail offerings. From Whole Foods to Soulcycle, Louis Vuitton and The Row, there is a place to satisfy every facet of self-care and indulgence. With easy access to transit, and proximity to the Downtown core, people of all varying ages have made this neighborhood their home.
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    Storefront at Bloor
    8,172 sqft
    Luxurious Three-Story Space on Bloor W
    13,901 sqft
    Laneway Pop Up in Exclusive Yorkville Village
    5,500 sqft
    The Oval in Yorkville Village
    5,500 sqft
    Storefront on Dupont & Davenport
    4,000 sqft
    Storefront at the corner of Davenport and Bedford
    1,777 sqft
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